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Early Childhood Indicators of Progress

The Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) are Minnesota’s early learning standards. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Education, ECIPs represent a shared set of expectations for what children can know and do prior to kindergarten. This set of expectations was developed and shared in a way that shows learning as a continuum of children’s growth and development, that knowledge supports more knowledge, and skills beget more skills. It’s important to note that young children do not necessarily acquire knowledge and skills in a linear way because the developing brains of young children require time to create strong connections and consolidate knowledge and skills. The ECIPs inform patterns of growth and areas needing support for a child, giving teachers the tools needed to support all children’s learning through high-quality play and teacher-directed learning.

The learning domains encompass the major areas of development and learning and include:

  1. Social and Emotional Development;
  2. Approaches to Learning;
  3. Language, Literacy and Communications;
  4. The Arts;
  5. Social Systems (Cognitive);
  6. Physical and Movement Development;
  7. Mathematics (Cognitive); and
  8. Scientific Thinking (Cognitive)

For more information, please see the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) website. Additionally, below you can download MDE's Parent Guide for Early Learning Standards.