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Early Childhood Family Education celebrates 50th anniversary

Early Childhood Family Education celebrates 50th anniversary

In 1974, Robbinsdale was one of six pilot programs for Early Childhood Family Education. Now the programming can be found across the state of Minnesota. This school year, Robbinsdale Area Schools had more than 250 families enrolled in the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) programs.

The ECFE team is made up of licensed staff who teach group classes and also offer one-on-one visits.

Classes vary by topic, with virtual and in-person options. Events can occur once or span several months. Classes are often free or offered on a sliding scale based on income levels. While the topics have changed over the years, the desire for families to learn how to support their child has remained the same.  

Many families attend classes to learn how to be better caregivers to their children or to learn specific skills. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to connect with other families, sometimes creating connections that last a lifetime. 

ECFE families will celebrate the anniversary at an event at the end of the school year.

Learn more about the programs at the district website.