Robbinsdale Area Schools

Robbinsdale Area Schools Summer Academy Provides a Variety of Programming with Flexibility

Community Education in Robbinsdale Area Schools is offering Summer Academy this summer with flexible programming in response to COVID-19. Families have the option of signing their students up for online or in-person classes. Staff note participation has not decreased this summer from previous years.

Almost 400 students have participated in the weekly program offerings, which began June 6 and continue through August 14, 2020. For online classes, materials are picked up prior to classes starting. To ensure safety during classes with in-person instruction, both state and federal safety guidelines are being followed. Safety precautions include staggered start (and end) times; wearing of face coverings by staff and students were previously encouraged and now required in accordance with the state mask mandate; shared materials wiped down after each use and between class periods; students washing hands when leaving; visitors are not currently permitted in the buildings; students are given personalized materials whenever possible; students are triaged before they are able to enter the building; and indoor/non-sports classes are limited to nine students and one teacher. 

“Students are enjoying the variety of activities offered through Summer Academy this year,” said Aviva Hillenbrand, Program Director for Community Enrichment & Engagement. “We are so glad to be able to offer options that work best for our families,” Hillenbrand continued.  

Program activities are divided into four main categories: Arts & Crafts, Fitness & Sports, Life Skills, and STEM. Feedback received from families has included appreciation for the range of activities provided in classes as well as students coming home from programming excited to talk about their day and fondly anticipating their return to class. Some of the upcoming classes for Summer Academy include Unlimited Dance Camp; Multiplayer Minecraft: World Builder; Fun and Fabulous Jewelry; and Babysitting 101. Those interested in participating can still register for programming at