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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The Early Childhood Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a great way to give back to district early childhood programs, families and the community in the following ways:

  • Work to support the school district’s early childhood programs and services to families. 
  • Discuss program policy, program services and parents’ perspectives on ways to improve quality and accessibility. 
  • Sponsor our ECFE Garage Sale, Book Fairs and fundraising initiatives. 
  • Work to inform other parents, legislators and community members about early education, school district issues and other community concerns that affect children and families.

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Early Childhood PAC

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*Booster Clubs, Parent-Teacher-Student Organizations (PTO) and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) are separate entities from the school district. They are typically formed as non-profit organizations. For the full information on guiding principals go to our Booster-PTO-PTA Accounting and Operations page.